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Servus. is a small exhibition of works by Savva Terentyev and associated acts.

As a transcriptionist I’m involved in the work of Terentyev Music Publishing Company and, previously, Raven Music Editions.

As a performing artist I present spontaneous piano improvisations, ambient sets and piano works by contemporary minimalist composers.
As a non-performing artist I run a black metal project REPOSSESSED and help black metal artists with recording & mixing engineering.

Thank you for the interest.


[►] Limbo in October — piano solo @ Philly Joe’s jazz club


[►] piano solo @ Philly Joe’s jazz club, Tallinn
[►] rin la live @ Tops, Tallinn


CV — curriculum vitæ

Почитать — на русском языке


Terentyev Music Publishing Companythe business
mixing bm — a couple of words on my approach to mixing black metal
transcribing — some of my finished works as a transcriptionist
Repossessed — a black metal
wishlist — speaks for itself


call: +37258891389


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